Forget FOMO, now there’s MOMO! — Digital Strategy and Unconventional Wisdom

With more than 50% of mobile users identifying their phone as their primary Internet device, social sharing as become increasingly personal and emotional. 

Our personal life runs so deep into the pipes of the Internet that it creates its own phenomenons and language among many other things. So much so that today, top innovation companies wouldn’t dare recommend a digital strategy without also baking social media friendly UI right into the mobile marketing pie. And with 116,528 businesses in the U.S. alone claiming to offer digital strategy and web design services – that’s a lot of pie! But numbers aside, that device in your hand is also making things a little too emotional, especially when we lose our device and our ability to read and post. 

In fact, studies are beginning to show a huge correlation between anxiety and something or someone suddenly missing from your usual online repertoire.

Take for example the recent case of Miley Cyrus. She took a three day reprieve from the Internet and her fans got a little worried. It’s as though her lack of online presence denoted a lack of presence in the real world, as though if she vanish from one, she must have vanished from the other.

Here’s a term from the Digital Strategy vault - MoMo.

The anxiety that came as a result of Miley’s digital disappearance caused the serendipitous discovery of a new, cultural problem: Mystery of Missing Out, or, as it’s being referred to, MoMo. Basically, experiencing MoMo means having anxiety and stress because friends aren’t posting on social media. Could they be out having a good time without you? Is something wrong? After all, no one just stops posting to Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, right??

“What event (that I’m not at) is making them too busy to post?”

Before there was MoMo, there was FoMo, which stands for the Fear of Missing Out. Though it was a problem long before brands incorporated it into their social media marketing campaigns, it basically means the anxiety that occurs when a group of people someone follows all seems to be posting, talking about or sharing a similar story, event, or idea, that you personally don’t know about (yet). Now, with MoMo, people are freaking out because their friends AREN’T posting. What’s next??

New phenomenons create new opportunities every day.

There is a lesson here:  The rise of MoMo shows just how crucial it is for marketers and innovative companies to incorporate social media marketing ideas right into their brand development strategies. It’s equally as important for product developers to continue to disrupt how they bake social media marketing right into their digital innovation plan.

So, all you social media marketing experts and self-proclaimed gurus!  How do you use MoMo to your advantage? We will be thinking about it. You should too.