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Kill your TV.




Bored? Stoned? Insomniac? Try UPL8.tv! – notcot.org

Up Late TV is a surprisingly addictive playback of random Youtube clips. And I do mean random. As in Ronald McDonald falling off a park bench set to a Japanese techno song. Or a segment on how they make crayolas. It will draw you in. It will waste your time. It will be worth it. – SourceName.com

The chaps at Poke NY have just spawned a new thing of total awesomeness. Basically it’s a YouTube viewer that allows you to browse YouTube clips using just the space bar. – crackunit.com

It’s a pretty simple idea: A whole bunch of oddly mesmerizing YouTube videos that play one after the other (you can skip to the next one at any time by pressing space). Watch out, though, because you’ll look up and realize it’s a half hour later. – barbariangroup.com

Upl8.tv is a simple interface for viewing YouTube videos that hearkens back to the days of yore when you could sit on the sofa at 2am and channel surf through a mindless selection of content. – singlefunction.com

UPL8.tv takes the now lost act of 'channel flipping' and applies it to Youtube snippets. Just slap the spacebar for another dose of internet awesome. – edopter.com

Upl8 TV talvez seja a plataforma mais inteligente que utiliza a mesma API do Youtube.  – adivertido.com

There are some smart folks taking a look at the passive entertainment experience online. When you show up to the site, just smash the spacebar when you get bored! – Castfire Blog

Is it an interesting experiment? Is it art? Maybe it’s just a good way to waste a few hours? However you classify it, like all good ideas, it’s simple and well executed. – Plant Blog

Don’t have time to sift through YouTube finding mindless drivel to watch, don’t panic. UPL8 has done it for you. – Not Yellow Chicken

I’m hooked on this site. Genius. Up late indeed! – Biosrhythm

If you have zero deadlines for the next four hours, check this out. I just rediscovered it. – @brelambert

I had some friends in college that really could have used UPL8.tv instead of watching the same Family Guy DVD over and over. – @hamsandwich

Will remember to watch this later again if the insomnia strikes again. – @LittleLaura

UPL8.tv will ruin your productivity. But productivity's not that important. – @johndodds