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Can social media solve one of our nation's most intractable social problems? Jason Pollock thinks so. – time.com
An estimated 1.2 million American high school students fail to graduate each year. A new documentary, Undroppable, is part of a social media campaign to raise awareness of the issue. – usatoday.com
Undroppable: An All-Star Film and Social Media Campaign To Keep Kids In High School – fastcoexist.com
Undroppable isn’t just a documentary — it’s also a social media campaign focused on raising awareness about the high dropout rate in American high schools. – mashable.com
"Undroppable" aims to boost diploma desire by sharing the motivating voices of students, teachers and parents from these hard-hit areas who are beating the odds and still getting their cap ‘n gowns. – mtv.com
We at Get Schooled believe passionately in the power of media and technology as a platform to connect and engage directly with young people. Jason’s ambitious project aligned perfectly with our core beliefs.
The result — a documentary film project and vast social media campaign that launches today on Tumblr — is called Undroppable. – storyboard.tumblr.com
Jason Pollock, with more than 100,000 Twitter followers, is using social media to unveil portions of the project as he makes it, hoping that an expected feature film debut in 2013 will come with a built-in audience.
 – variety.com
Undroppable — a social media movement that will culminate in a feature-length documentary — includes the stories of young people from six schools spread throughout the country. – desmoinesregister.com
Through Pollock’s new social media campaign and feature length documentary, the country can witness students who are graduating against great odds. – bostinno.com