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Business Innovation:
Tegu Live



Demonstrating just how innovative their blocks really are, Tegu recently began live-streaming building sessions online. – coolhunting.com
I just stumbled across this on Twitter and am utterly fascinated. – neatorama.com
The Tegu guy made me a castle! With a draw bridge! Out of magnetic wood blocks! LIVE! That was my silly excitement this morning as they let me put in the first request as Tegu LIVE! went... well, live... – notcot.com
We were already in love with Tegu's magnetic wooden blocks but now we're swooning! – people.com
Start tweeting your requests, order your blocks now and start an amazing journey of the imagination that will take your kids and you anywhere they want to go, and you won't even need batteries to get there. – babble.com
@Tegu man, I think I want to marry you. Can you build a set of wedding bands? #TeguLive
I cannot believe he's still building!! #TeguLive! A friend's over with her kids, and they are addicted now too. Hee @Tegu
@Tegu That helicopter was a gem. This Ferris Wheel? A diamond.
@tegu you are so good you made me get a twitter account so I could make my request! - #tegu live on http://www.tegu.com