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I Went to MoMA and...

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The Museum of Modern Art in New York City wanted an interactive way to capture the experience of art with the museum’s three million yearly visitors. What eventually developed was an open-ended guestbook of sorts called the “I went to MoMA and…” Project.  – laughingsquid.com
Quite by accident the other day, I found an experiment on the Museum of Modern Art's website, which initially seemed so very disappointing. But looking further, it turned out to be an interesting, and maybe promising, exercise. It might even strengthen bonds between visitors and MoMA. And that would be a mighty accomplishment. The feature is called "I went to MoMA and..."  – artsjournal.com
The Museum of Modern Art recently began asking visitors for feedback and messages. Most of the kids who filled in the form had positive reviews, but one kid was clearly let down. Shame on you MoMA!  – theawesomer.com
Try the "I Went to Moma and..." free scanning fun on the ground floor. You get your own card where you can write, or draw, anything you like and have it scanned in for projection on the wall. Each card has its own URL and you can view it online later. I scanned mine and shared it on FB real time. Fun!  – Robert Z. on yelp.com
After visiting the MoMA, visitors are asked to fill out this card, scan their response in a fancy little machine, and contribute to the "I went to MoMA and..." project. Responses are projected on a wall in the MoMA entryway.  – smittenandswell.blogspot.com