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Brand Innovation:



Leave it to Makeable to enable 12 year old twins, Jason and Corey Grant, who desperately want LeBron James to join the Knicks. The result? A playful on and offline campaign that lives at nyHeartLeBron.com – notcot.com
Forget all the celebrities that the New York Knicks are planning to trot out to sway LeBron James to come to the city. The team should just use Jason and Corey Grant. – usatoday.com
It's been relatively quiet on the LeBron front lately – unless you count recent campaigns to bring him here organized by a moving company and a couple of hopeful 12-year-olds – nymag.com
These twins are putting double pressure on LeBron James – nydailynews.com
#NY<3LEBRON movement... has grown like wildfire – sikids.com