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my husband's smell.
flowers for no reason.
high heels.
words from the heart.
a kinky smile.
whatever you say it is.

K-Y Keep Life Sexy



Right in time for Valentine's Day, Makeable launched a site for notable brand K-Y that lets visitors type in their interpretation of sexy.  – creativity-online.com
The visual design and audio design is quite nice. The sites sections react to the touch rather than the click which I think works well. After seeing this buzz word last month I feel this is a good example of "crowd sourcing" and it's quite interesting drilling down the words and also sorting via age and sex. – bannerblog.com.au
Sexy means different things to different people — and with K-Y‘s Keep Life Sexy campaign, we have concrete proof of that. The cute little Flash app allows you enter your own idea of what sexy is; then gives you the opportunity to browse other users’ answers, with the option to sort by age and gender. – boinkology.com