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Kideo Player



Kideoplayer makes it really easy for kids to watch YouTube videos safe for young eyes. And with the dead simple, spacebar-only interface, it's also navigable for all but the smallest children. – Lifehacker

Don't be fooled though, I just spent a good half hour watching videos that may be intended for kids but I sure got a blast out of the remote controlled cars hurtling around a dirt track. – Dave Allen

This is just great. Fantastic app. – Digital Vinyl

Kideoplayer creates the true wonderful moments any parent could have, those that allow a parent to be a kid with the kids. – Single Function

Inspired by his kids. Created on the Web. Shared with the world. Now that’s cool. – Skokie Public Library

This would be a shame for a child to miss out on! – Mariann Merritt

KideoPlayer impresses through simplicity. All of the fun and excitement without commercial advertising! Genius! – Suzanne Dickmann

Hailey and I sat in front of Kideoplayer slapping the space bar for nearly an hour. Should I admit that? – Sitting on an Oak

If you're like us, some of the videos might make you cry because they're quite touching. – Kinder Buzz

There is no risk of accidentally clicking on something else. – Technology Personalized