Art Innovation:
Creative Time and Nick Cave

Transforming Grand Central Station into a magical, social experience.
Every day, 750,000 people move through the corridors of New York’s Grand Central Terminal. To celebrate the centennial of this iconic building, we worked with Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit on a groundbreaking installation and two-week performance piece by artist Nick Cave. Using his trademark soundsuits, Nick, his team and a troupe of dancers brought to life a herd of thirty colorful life-size horses that peacefully “grazed” and periodically broke into choreographed movement—or “crossings”—accompanied by live music. Cave stated the objective was to transform the busy terminal into a place of magic and serenity. And whether you experienced the piece in person, or online, this is exactly what happened.

Bringing the offline dance, online.
In the main terminal of Grand Central, it’s a dance in itself, especially if you’re standing up above, looking down,” Cave told The New Yorker. So, we asked ourselves, what would this dance look like from the vantage point of the internet? Enter #IHEARDNY, a simple, smart and social idea engineered to have the audience convey to everyone online what they were seeing, hearing and feeling--in real time. Powered by a bespoke, cross channel, multimedia content aggregator, all posts on all major social networks were tagged and aggregated via #IHEARDNY immediately at viewable and sortable by date, social network and/or popularity.

Allowing the dance to live on.
When HEARD•NY came to an end at Grand Central, we wanted to create an innovative way to extend the life of this groundbreaking work. So, we asked Nick to select 100 of the most imaginative, engaging and beautiful perspectives that his audience had shared. With all of this expressive, multimedia, social content, we created an evergreen digital experience to commemorate the dance for all audiences present and future. Blogger Isabela Rodrigues said it best, “Promoting art and culture within the community by using online and offline campaigns engaged and showcased Cave’s impact on a social level.


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This interactive social media project, developed by Makeable, amplifies your experience and puts the event reporting in your hands. – Creative Time
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We’re thrilled to be one of the 100 chosen as part of a interactive digital collage. Here’s to more great CreativeTime programming! – HaHa Magazine
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There are so many things that inspire me everyday but lately researching, reading and discovering people and companies that have followed their passions has really opened my eyes and heart to what I truly want out of life. – Illegal Gallery
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This is a performance piece everyone will love. – Art Nerd New York
I want a Nick Cave horse for my apartment!
Great photo opp! Check out Nick Cave's soundsuit IHEARDNY before it's gone!
profile_Jesse Cotari
Jesse Cotari
I don't use this adjective often, but this was MAGICAL!