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FCUK YouTique

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FCUK brings fashion tips and shopping into one experience.  – creativity-online.com
File under: "What took so long?" YouTube and commerce are intersecting in a novel way with the recent launch, at the end of September, of French Connection's "YouTique." – fastcompany.com
It was among the three most popular YouTube channels in the UK for a month. A 100 per cent increase in channel views meant a significant increase in brand awareness while the click-through rates were among the highest YouTube has ever seen — up to five or six per cent — and online sales soared. – thinkwithgoogle.co.uk
The British apparel brand FCUK has partnered with YouTube to allow users to further engage with clothing seen on branded videos. – psfk.com
lovely idea. i hope it works well for FCUK http://tinyurl.com/2e6oqfq The First YouTique
Social media and retail integration at its best! FCUK Connects to YouTube: The World's First YouTique http://bit.ly/bnU56J #sminoz #retail
French Connection: Move over f-commerce, the YouTique (YouTube boutique) is here http://bit.ly/dgY39k