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Brand Innovation:
Dyson Air Multiplier



The "multiplied" air feels good and it can blow as hard as similarly-sized fans, but design is what sets it apart. It looks like a portable Stargate by way of Cupertino (Imaginary Steve: what are all those hieroglyphics for? Remove them!) and even has a practical element--no accretions of greasy black fuzz in difficult-to-clean places.  – boingboing.net
The Air Multiplier can push out 119 gallons of air per second at a significantly less amount of power than needed for an air conditioning unit. The airfoil design amplifies the air stream by 15 times the intake amount. – crunchgear.com
When I say that this thing really works, I mean it blows as much as my current Hunter fan, but it's quieter and I can stick my hand through it! – design-milk.com
Normally, fans create moving air by chopping and pushing air, with angled, rotating blades. The Dyson Air Multiplier, by contrast, blows just a single sheet of air, from a thin opening towards the rear of its circular wing. – fastcompany.com
And, exploring the device more, I realized that while it didn't look like any fan I'd used before, it worked almost exactly like every fan I'd used before. – gizmodo.com
So, what's awesome about it? It's relatively quiet, easy to clean, and I wont chop my hand off reaching through it. – joshspear.com
Just did my interview for Radio Wey! Showed Jon Andrews the Air Multiplier; I think he's a believer now!
That's it my Dyson fan is going everwhere with me from now on. Staying at mates place. No air con and no fan = no sleep
@DitaVonTeese Honestly? All you really need is a #Dyson It will change your life.
bladeless fan = awesome.