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Brand Innovation: The Poppy Project


Noteworthy: Coach received top marks in the L2 Digital IQ index, citing the Poppy Project. See it here. (3.2mb)



Coach is becoming well known for its campaigns with bloggers, perhaps more than other brands. – wwdretail.com
Coach reaches out to the fashion community with the launch of The Poppy Project. The online art project/contest brings the brand's colorful Poppy-theme to bloggers' sites, while giving them a chance to cash in on some goods.  – creativity-online.com
... Hundreds of blogs ... part of a network stitched together this month in a social media campaign from fashion brand Coach.  – adweek.com
Buzz-worthy Poppy Project was the most recent of many blogger collaborations; from shopping-oriented social media to top-notch e-commerce, brand delivers on every platform  – L2ThinkTank.com
which one of my readers just won the Coach handbag? #CoachPoppy #nesting www.coach.com/poppyproject -- I just won a $100 gift card, thanks!!
New blog post: I Won! I love Coach! http://alittlelestalk.net/2010/08/i-won-i-love-coach/ @coach #coachpoppy #rosebud
I love having the #CoachPoppy project on #bysutton ~ so pretty!!! www.coach.com/poppyproject
Very curious to see how this evolves, great way to share/discover content. Grow, Poppy! Grow! #CoachPoppy www.coach.com/poppyproject