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Honest Leah

A blushing history.
Benefit Cosmetics takes pride in their sassy history. In fact, their legendary “Benetint,” was concocted in 1977 for an exotic dancer who wanted her nipples to look pretty and pink. In the Spring of 2011, they launched the revered “They’re Real!” Mascara and wanted a low-cost marketing promotion that was in line with their history of breaking beauty marketing paradigm. If memory serves, Benefit wanted an online promotion that was effective, but would also “make us blush.”

Want to get something off your chest, doll?
With the launch of "They're Real!," Benefit created Honest Leah, a well-endowed, sensually mysterious character with an air straight out of a Film-Noir movie. Makeable gave Honest Leah a home at ifakeditwhen.com where visitors were presented with a simple page that "covered up" Honest Leah's gifted figure. Were they real? Of course, any curious mind would scroll the page to find out. While the secrets of her chest were kept in the dark, scrolling brought other’s secrets to life - revealing a page of user’s own confessions (along with photo or video proof)!