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Makeable built a Twitter system that allows bakers to twitter what's coming fresh out of their ovens  – and communicate with their customers in real time. The setup uses arduino technology to enable tweets via a dial and button system, instead of by mobile. – creativity-online.com
BakerTweet, the Arduino-based pastry early warning system.  – engadget.com
BakerTweet – Insider tips from your local bakery.  – core77.com
I so wanted to be cynical about the BakerTweet. I wanted to put it in the box with the applications which tell you about the weather. You know, the same weather you could see by looking out the window. But the more I read, the smarter the BakerTweet looks. – wired.com
BakerTweet gives geeks fresh oven updates in 140 characters.  – guardian.co.uk
Never miss another warm baguette! Baker Tweet allows Albion in London to tweet what's fresh with the click of a button http://t.co/aSTsoH5
BakerTweet tweets to followers when cookies r done. Physical mktg tech, brand new/very cool.
This will always be classic genius - BakerTweet